Advanced Piping Solutions

Engineering Services

This capability statement provides a brief overview of our capabilities and our approach to Piping Engineering, Analysis and R & D.

Piping Engineering is a technical discipline dedicated to the development and implementation of Piping design, analysis, installation and total project management based on thorough understanding of piping performance and limitations in the operational environment.

Advanced Piping Solutions Engineering provides technical services in the domain of Piping Engineering and Project Management to develop effective design, analysis, process, installation methods and tools.

Members of our team are able to offer a unique combination of research and development expertise together with proven practical implementation experience that has largely gained in the piping engineering area.

Advanced Piping Solutions provide engineering consulting services in all aspects of piping, through our in-house engineering department and strategic alliance partners. The specific services we provide include:

  1. Project Specification Development
  2. Product Design
  3. System Design & Analysis
  4. Products Finite Element Analysis
  5. Project Management
  6. Field Engineering and Support